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Grass and Heaven

Jasminka's Windy Home

Summer ...


race of butterflies -
one is landing,
shadow next to it


along the railroad
poppies waving to trains ...
horses grazing


tremulous air -
the ring of church bells
in a Summer afternoon


dusty road -
rolling down cherries
and a boy´s laugh


looking at the sky
dandelions with haircuts
oh, that wind, that wind


zri letnje podne
u polju blaženi mir
ćuti cvrčak

summer afternoon
happy calm in fields -
crickets are quiet


pritisla žega -
iz dubine oblaka
izleće ptica

oppressive heat -
a bird emerges
from a puffy cloud


šire se tromo
mirisi četinara -
letnje podne

summer afternoon -
the scent of evergreens
spreading slowly

apres-midi d'été
l'odeur des genevriers
diffusant lentement


Copyright by Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic, 2001